Welcome to the Catalyst Blog.

This is a password-protected area where you can upload writing, reflection, photos, video links, eval tools, or just be in conversation with each other as your projects evolve.  

We've learned through the pilot round of projects that the colleagues you are surrounded by can be great resources in your work and your thinking throughout the year.  

We've also learned that checking in regularly allows you to capture intra-process moments, learning, and pivot points that might otherwise be lost to the fray of memory.  So we're holding this space for forensic purposes in addition to the hopes it sparks some interesting conversation and gives future civic practice artists and partners some insights into the field they're building on top of.  

Occasionally, we'll offer monthly prompts or specific questions based on themes showing up in the projects or from the coaching work happening.  But always feel free to use the questions on the right sidebar to guide your monthly writing, or form your own.  

Onward and upward. 

Nikiko Masumoto's post-it pile from early work on her pilot round Catalyst project in Central California.