Civic Body

Work with organizations, systems and networks outside the arts sector to integrate arts-based strategies into their efforts and missions.

Civic Body is what we call the technical assistance we deliver outside the arts sector to networks and organizations that are focused on issues of change, equity and sustainability.  Our approach to technical assistance is unique and comprehensive. We are brought on to support transformation within community organizations and municipal systems. This often requires reframing challenges, co-designing a successful process with new and existing partners, community engagement, and long-term coaching.

For example, with Artplace America, we have worked over multiple years to support their Community Development Investment  project in 6 regions around the nation.

“For community development organizations, moving from learning about working with artists to the practice of doing it effectively in a values-infused way that engages the whole community can be a hard leap. 
CPCP’s workshops, coaching, and cohort conversations with the participating organizations in ArtPlace’s Community Development Investments program have helped them to develop more meaningful, sustainable, and focused relationships with artists and arts organizations that allow them to open new doors to what’s possible in their communities.”

– Lyz Crane, Deputy Director, Artplace America

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"CPCP can sense what is going on in a room and honestly address things. Their intuition about creating dialogue is so keen.
What I see their role in the ecosystem of all this work is core values — help neighborhoods, city government, residents — groups that want to do the work — help them come together intentionally – help them articulate why they are there, and help build trust."

– Lynne McCormack, Director of Creative Placemaking, LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation)

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