Our Core Beliefs and Practices

We recognize

... often in arts-based community development projects and civic decision-making, the people who are most impacted by the issues being addressed are excluded.

... often these historically excluded participants are people of color.

We believe

... without diverse community participation at the outset, arts-based partnership meant to improve community life is simply not possible.

We listen

... for voices that are frequently absent from civic decision-making processes to host and support practices of inclusion.

We prioritize

... strategies to make certain that diverse and impacted stakeholders are engaged and heard.

... supporting artists and communities who may not necessarily get mainstream financial support or visibility in the deeply significant work they do and have been doing in their communities.

We practice

... an intentional curating of learning cohorts representing communities and artists who are diverse in age, in ethnic/racial/cultural/heritage backgrounds, socio-economic status, geographic region and artistic approach.

... anti-racism and anti-bias training as individuals and as a staff.

We examine

... our internal organizational structure to flatten hierarchy and create a more inclusive decision-making process.